Deb Kuhl, Overland Park, KS, Education Professional 

"I endorse Deann Mitchell for KS House 26. I have known Deann for 30 years and I am proud to have witnessed her success as a business woman and as an advocate for Veterans, Women in Crisis and Olathe District Schools. Deann is the Board President of Veterans Voices Writing Project. She sits on 2 state boards, The Kansas Credit Union Council and the Governor's Behavioral Health Services Planning Council. Both positions were appointed by the Governor. Deann Mitchell's experience in business and finance and her contacts with leaders across the Metro Kansas City area make her the perfect candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives. Mark your calendar to vote for Deann Mitchell on November 6th."

Shari Mount, Olathe, KS, Financial Services Professional 

"I'm very proud of my dear friend, Deann Mitchell, for wanting to make a difference for our community by running for House District 26.  I'm confident in her ability to move the community forward. She's a very motivated and bright individual who continues to amaze me with all of her accomplishments. Please keep her in mind as you vote November 6th."

Maureen Musil, Olathe, KS, Communications Professional 

"I've known Deann for almost 30 years, and she's one of the smartest, strongest women I know. She's determined and passionate about her goals. I've seen her advance her education with a fierce focus while working as a successful wealth management adviser. She cares about the welfare of people and acts in their best interest always. Deann is active in the community and I am confident that she's the best leader for KS House 26.   She has put her faith in me over the years, and I promise you won't be sorry if you put your faith in her!"

Amy Williams, Olathe, KS, Real Estate Professional

"I've known Deann for many years and believe she would make a great Representative. Deann is a true professional and is always working to help others. Even when off the clock, she is volunteering to promote and better young women. She is a strong role model for many."

Jennifer Handling, Olathe, KS, Tele-Communications Professional 

"Deann Mitchell is advocate for children, veterans, and elderly. She has the education and heart to ensure south Johnson County continues to be among the best communities in United States. Deann is a proud mother raising successful and strong young women who will enrich our society."

Hannah Rues, Overland Park, KS, Founder of Concierge Care, Inc. 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Deann Mitchell. She is involved in the community in many ways and is a strong advocate and voice for the groups and individuals that she supports. Deann also has a varied background and knowledge base that will be a immense strength for the residents of KS House 26."

Stacy Puvis, Kansas City, MO, Non-Profit Professional 

"I’ve known Deann for four years and in that time, she has always impressed me with her willingness to help others. She has a servant’s heart and a desire to make her community a better place. She is consistent in her beliefs that everyone deserves a fair chance and understands that government should work for society as a whole and not just a select few. I would encourage all those in KS House 26 to vote for Deann Mitchell on November 6th!"

Robin Westpahl, Director, Johnson City Library, Johnson City, TN (former Olathe resident)

Deann Mitchell will be a responsible leader for the citizens of Kansas. She is dedicated to the financial stability of Kansas and proper funding of public education. I've known her for over 15 years and she is the kind of person who thinks through decisions and will represent all her constituents. She loves her community and will work hard for House District 26.


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