Quality education is the foundation of community and is one of the main reasons families relocate to our area.   Support of education, its employees and students, will be among my highest priorities.  The CHILDREN of Kansas are the FUTURE of Kansas and should be provided a quality education.


The Kansas Department of Transportation funding was dramatically cut over the last 8 years with more than $1.1 Billion swept from the highway funds to cover other budget shortfalls.  In 2017 an estimated total of $44 Million was spent on new highway projects compared to $400 Million in the prior years.  Sweeping money out of the highway fund has been a short-term budget fix, but it is starting to create long-term problems for our State's highways and the people who use them.

Free State Election Act

I support this bill with the attempt to revoke the birth certificate requirement, allow same-day voter registration, allow for permanent Advanced Voter Status, expand the time allowed for advanced voting from 21 to 28 days, and ridding the State of Kansas of the Cross Check System.  I would also like the State of Kansas to provide a Voter Guide to ensure voter access to candidate and election information.  

Fiscal Responsibility

As a Certified Financial Planner ®, I have a passion for strong fiscal stewardship.  Governor Brownback's failed tax experiment left the State of Kansas budget with a $1 Billion dollar budget deficit in 2017.  Many State agencies are struggling due to lack for funding including KanCare/Medicaid, Children and Family Services, and the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System/KPERS.


The level of secrecy and accountability has fallen the last 8 years, a topic reported on by The Kansas  City Star in November 2017.   

In the past decade, more than 90 percent of the laws passed by the Kansas Legislature have come from anonymous authors. Kansans often had no way of knowing who was pushing which legislation and why.  This secrecy must stop. 

State Broadband Initiative

Communities like Spring Hill are struggling with the lack of broadband service, which affects students, families, businesses and entrepreneurs.  Kansas has a statewide Broadband Initiative to map current service areas but has no sources to bring fiber to rural communities and smaller markets.  I will propose to add resources to the Kansas Broadband Initiative to help bring fiber to communities like Spring Hill. 

Medicare Expansion / KanCare

Most of us get our health insurance benefits through employer coverage.  Others rely on the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.  Medicare in Kansas (KanCare) is only available to children, pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly.  There is a gap between the ACA and KanCare in which more than 150,000 Kansans do not have ANY health insurance. 

Expanding Medicaid coverage under Federal guidelines would bring more Federal dollars to cover costs resulting in either a net neutral budget item or a savings of millions of tax dollars.


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